Through the years, the Islamic Society of Vermont has made itself a very integral part of the beautiful mosaic that is the Vermont community. The story of this community is one of resilience, service, and unwavering empathy. 


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Colchester, VT 05446

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Welcome to

The Islamic Society of Vermont

Weekly Programs

Hadith Session (To Soften the Hearts)

After Isha Salat there will be a 5-10 minute explanation of Sahih Al-Bukhari,  the book of Ar-Riqaq 


Quranic Sciences

After Isha Salat there is a short 5-10 minute talk about the Quranic Sciences Inn Shaa Allah


Family Friday Night Halaqa

Every Friday after Isha prayer, we will have a Halaqa and activities for our youth. We encourage everyone to come.





after adhan

2:15 PM

12:00 PM

6:00 AM


8:00 PM


1:00 PM

Dhuhr will be at 1:15 PM on Sundays due to Weekend Islamic School

Prayer timing

New Mosque in Vermont

All the praise is due to God.  We’re so happy to announce that we have purchased our new Masjid on October 10th, 2019.  On behalf of the Islamic Society of Vermont, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all donors for your generous donation for buying the new Masjid in Vermont. May Allāh (SWT) accept your donation and make a house for you and your family in paradise. 


Weekend Islamic School

The Weekend Islamic School meets every Sunday from 9:30 am-1:30 pm.The Weekend Islamic School teaches children 5-15 years old. 

Directory of Local Buisnesses

Many of the local Halal businesses/restaurants are not found on apps such as Google or MuslimPro. Here is a list of different local halal businesses 


Here at the Islamic Society of Vermont, we offer funeral services for your deceased family members. 

Donate  Today 

As our community is always growing we ask for your support. Being one of the only Masjids in the state of Vermont we ask that you donate generously. Your donations will go towards different programs, events, projects and more. 

"And fear the Day When you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every

soul shall be paid what it earned, and non shall be dealt with unjustly."

(Surah al-Baqarah 02:281)