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Welcome to
The Islamic Society of Vermont

Prayer Timings
New Weekly Programs

Family Friday Night Halaqa

Every Friday after Isha prayer, we will have a Halaqa and activities for our youth. We encourage everyone to come.


Sisters Only Halaqa

Join us for a Sisters Only Halaqa every Saturday at 7pm.

Saturday & Sunday

Fiqh Classes

Different topics of fiqh explained according to the four school of fiqh.

About Us

Through the years, the Islamic Society of Vermont has made itself a very integral part of the beautiful mosaic that is the Vermont community. The story of this community is one of resilience, service, and unwavering empathy.  The beauty of ISVT is that people from various backgrounds, cultures, and regions, share the same religion and everlasting experience of life. You are always welcome to be part of our community.


Weekend Islamic School

The Weekend Islamic School meets every Sunday from 9:30 am-1:00 pm. The Weekend Islamic School teaches children PreK - 12th grade.

Directory of Local Businesses

Many of the local Halal businesses/restaurants are not found on apps such as Google or MuslimPro. Here is a list of different local halal businesses.


Here at the Islamic Society of Vermont, we offer our members funeral services for their deceased free of cost.

Donate  Today 

As our community is always growing we ask for your support. Being one of the only Masjids in the state of Vermont we ask that you donate generously. Your donations will go towards different programs, events, projects, and more. 

"And fear the Day When you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every

soul shall be paid what it earned, and non shall be dealt with unjustly."

(Surah al-Baqarah 02:281)

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